5 Questions With The Ranch Restaurant’s Award-Winning Bartender Kristin Markley

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Do you have mixology mentors?
Chefs such as Dave Rossi when he worked at Oysters and Diego Velasco at Memphis influenced my early drink-making. I followed their trends using fresh produce and herbs.

Any pets?
I have three dogs: a 16-year-old pit-lab mix who is afraid of tiny bunnies, a 2-year-old Jindo-collie mix who is fearless and got rid of the bunnies, and a puppy that’s a German shorthaired pointer-lab.

What’s your drink of choice?
Reposado tequila, neat in a snifter. No training wheels.

What’s a secret about you?
As teens, my sister and I bartended at my parents’ cocktail parties.

How are you spending time during the pandemic?
We are doing a full remodel of our house. We completed the kitchen and are moving the living room to our dining room and building an inside bar. Lucky my husband is in the industry, so he is doing most of it himself.

Watch Markley prepare a delicious Better With Sage cocktail at orangecoast.com/cathythomas.

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