5 Questions with the Chef-Partner at Sessions West Coast Deli

Photo credit: Emily J. Davis


Max Schlutz, chef-partner at Sessions West Coast Deli, has opened a fourth location next to Macy’s at Fashion Island.

Favorite food memory?
Nostalgically, it’s a Dad-and-me thing. He’s from Chicago, and we would go to Chicago’s Uno and eat the original deep-dish pizza.

Do you have a secret talent?
I’m a good athlete—a very good tennis player and a marathon runner. I played on three college tennis teams and taught tennis at Newport Harbor High School.

What’s in your home freezer?
There are tons of frozen peas and ice packs to treat injuries. And Amy’s Organic Mac and Cheese for my family.

Tell us about the Fashion Island location.
It’s a bit experimental. I like this space because we keep getting a little more refined.

Which O.C. chef do you most respect?
I admire how hard they work at Arc. Noah von Blöm applies passion to his cooking, and it shows in what he gives to his guests. What he does in the kitchen is enviable.

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