5 Questions With Taylor DeCosta, Co-Founder of Taylor Made Cuisine

The Orange resident is the co-founder of Taylor Made Cuisine, a chef-driven meal delivery and catering service based in Irvine.
Photograph by Jazmyn Green

How has Taylor Made Cuisine grown since its launch?
When COVID-19 hit, we pretty much doubled our business. There was this dire need to get healthy meals delivered, especially for our customers with family members (who are high-risk). I felt so great that we were able to hire to meet the demand, because people in the food industry were losing jobs left and right.

What were you doing before?
I was a private chef here in O.C. and worked for athletes and celebrities.

How do people customize their meals?
Any time you purchase a meal plan, you can put in any allergies and restrictions as well as items that you’re not a fan of. You can also shop online and pick and choose items (a la carte).

Your most popular items?
Skirt steak with chimichurri, almond chicken, and our paleo line of donuts.

What are you looking forward to post-pandemic?
I would love to get back to event catering. That is something that really sparks our creative side.


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