5 Questions With: Poppy Holguin of Jan’s Health Bar

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Why did you buy Jan’s?

I thought to myself, I’d been in marketing and driving to L.A. for 18 years, but there’s something to be said about coming full circle to a place that I love to work—the first place I worked. I don’t call myself a restaurateur; I call myself somebody who’s passionate about this particular product. I wouldn’t be owning any other restaurant or concept because it’s this concept that I believe in: simple food prepared in an approachable manner.

Best part of your job?

It’s the community and lifestyle that Jan’s brings. Generations and generations of customers come in here, and I’m always reminded about why I really do this; it is the community.

Do you have a go-to dish?

I always start my morning with either a green juice or beet juice. My lunch will either be a tuna sandwich or Cali Chop Bowl. Then I’ll have a salad for dinner; our classic salad is definitely my go-to. 

Favorite restaurant?

I really like CdM Restaurant.

Favorite food?

I’m a big sushi fan—kind of a departure from tuna sandwiches and salads!

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