5 Questions With Lido Bottle Works Executive Chef Joel Gutierrez

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

What are your plans now that you’re in charge?
Putting my spin on what the restaurant is already doing, making even more things in-house, and staying true to the concept of being hyperseasonal, which fits my style of cooking very well.

Any experiments to share?
A preserving and vinegar program for the kitchen, which will allow us to preserve some of last season’s (produce).

What’s a pairing you recommend?
The Pruim & Proper wild ale from Mikkeller Brewing and our dry-aged pork chop. The brewery uses pluots and plums from Sunny Cal Farms, which is (the farm) our restaurant sources fruit from.

What is something people might not know about you?
I was a professional poker player. I’ve always played recreationally, but I took it pretty seriously for six months playing at L.A. casinos.

Your leadership style?
I want cooks who have the same passion and love for food that I have. The best way to do that is to be a mentor, be very nurturing, and teach them things.

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