5 Questions With Beto Castillo, Owner of Buenas Coffee in Costa Mesa

Castillo crafts drinks honoring his Mexican heritage.
Photograph by Emily J. Davis

How did you start brewing?
I would roast coffee beans out of my house and do pop-ups all over O.C. My love for coffee developed into a love for hospitality and all things drinks and food. I just love flavors and the idea of hosting a space that resonates with people.

What are some of your signature drinks?
The Jugo Sánchez is what we call a Mexican Arnold Palmer. It is hibiscus tea with an orangeade that we make. The Tami is our tamarind soda with tamarind syrup made in-house. Our horchata is vegan and made from coconut sugar, brown rice, and vanilla, and it’s topped with an orange garnish.

Where did the name Buenas come from?
Buenas means good in Spanish. It’s the entire idea of goodness and that there is something good in everyone.

What’s your food obsession?
The spicy Korean fried chicken wings and bulgogi fried rice at Bonchon. I crave that at least once a week.

What’s next?
One of the things we’re working on is creating events. We will be doing Buenas Noches (evening events with live music, food, and artists) and monthly Brunch at Buenas (with a pop-up shop, food trucks, and drink specials).

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