5 Questions With Adam Go, Co-Owner of Barrio at SteelCraft Garden Grove

Barrio specializes in Filipino-Korean barbecue.
Photograph by Emily J. Davis

What are your star items?
Our pork and chicken barbecue skewers. I grew up eating this stuff in the Philippines, and they’re a staple at any birthday party, even weddings. Also, our beef bulgogi.

Why add Korean food?
For us, it’s a natural fusion. I’m Filipino, and my wife is Korean. The food is similar. There are a lot of marinated meats and things on the grill served with rice, salad, and pickles.

What’s been a surprise in the past year?
The amount of catering and delivery that we do. Every week, we have large orders for people doing home grilling or small gatherings. (With our barbecue kits), you can have us grill it or you can grill it at home (same price). We also deliver within a 3 mile radius from SteelCraft or any address in Huntington Beach. 

What does Barrio mean?
Neighborhood, community, and a place to come together. That’s always what we’ve thought food was about.

What are you looking forward to post-pandemic?
As an outdoor food hall, SteelCraft has never had a normal spring and summer. People really haven’t seen what we’re about. I look forward to trivia nights being back, the bands, and the cornhole. The sense of community.


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