4 O.C. Dishes With Fermented Ingredients

House-fermented ingredients add depth of flavor and health benefits to these local dishes.
Photograph courtesy of Fermentation Farm

Fermentation Farm
Roasted brassicas and red curry, $14
Chef Amy Lebrun’s love for cruciferous vegetables shines in this dish. A bounty of yellow and purple cauliflower, broccoli, turnips, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage sits on fermented red curry paste. Coconut cashews on top add more texture. Costa Mesa, 949-650-0830

Stuffed chicken, $29
Chef Anthony Celeste loves incorporating everything from kimchi (fermented cabbage) to fermented rice in his cooking. This pasture-raised chicken breast is stuffed with gochujang (fermented chile paste) mousseline. Dana Point, 949-489-8911

Yellowtail crudo, $16
Chef Rob Wilson ferments the aguachile used in this seafood dish for 72 hours. This allows the flavors to intensify, creating a bold contrast to the mild and sweet fish.
Dana Point, 949-240-6243

El Mercado Modern Cuisine
Short rib, $29
Slow-cooked short rib is served on a bed of Oaxacan chile corn cake, epazote coulis, and sweet chile reduction sauce. It’s topped with fermented mustard seeds and comes with a side of toast. Santa Ana, 714-340-4519

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