Three Noodle Dishes O.C. Chefs Love and Recommend

Farmhouse’s Pappardelle

In winter, we warm up to  noodles, especially the tender pappardelle with seafood and tomato pernod cream from Farmhouse at Roger’s Gardens. We asked chef-owner Rich Mead whose noodle dish he craves.

Chef Mead loves: “The pork pan-fried soft noodles from Peking Restaurant in Westminster. Their noodles are made in-house, which is hard to find. I use the side of sautéed green beans as a relish.”

Chef Jerry Chen at Peking Restaurant loves: “The tonkotsu ramen dish from HiroNori Craft Ramen in Irvine. The flavorful tonkotsu broth, which is boiled for 24 hours, is what distinguishes it.”

Chef Harrison Ono at HiroNori Craft Ramen loves: “The gnocchi with meatballs from Mama D’s Italian Kitchen
in Newport Beach. I get it with their signature pink sauce.”

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