13 O.C. Spots for Pandan Treats

Pandan is an aromatic plant that tastes like vanilla with a tropical, floral twist. The sweet, Southeast Asian flavor is getting the star treatment in drinks and desserts across Orange County.
Pandan mochi donuts from Modo Hawaii and pandan cookies from Kaffeine Alley; Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Pandan mochi donuts
Modo Hawaii, Irvine

Pandan Pina Collision with cold-pressed pandan, coconut milk, and pineapple puree
Loose Leaf Boba, Santa Ana

Jade Bliss with pandan, mung bean soy milk, coconut sago, and boba
Soy Good, Garden Grove

Panda Pandan with coconut water, sugarcane, and coconut bits
Tallgrass Drink, Garden Grove

Pandan cookies
Kaffeine Alley, Anaheim

Pandan cashew nut milk, matcha pandan latte
JuiceMi, Newport Beach

Mango sticky rice ice cream made with pandan, coconut milk, and oat milk
Stella Jean’s Ice Cream, Costa Mesa

Pandan horchata
Banh Xeo Boys, Rodeo 39 Public Market in Stanton

Mung bean milk tea with pandan
7 Leaves Cafe, multiple O.C. locations

Pandan waffles with coconut or durian and dessert drinks with pandan jelly
Bambu, Irvine

Pandan Vietnamese honeycomb cake
THH Sandwiches, multiple O.C. locations

Buko pandan creme caramel
Oi Asian Fusion, Rodeo 39 Public Market in Stanton

Buko (coconut) pandan butter and pandan cream cheese rolls
Kitchen 1726, throughout O.C.

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