10 Pandan Treats in Orange County

Pandan pina collision at Loose Leaf Boba in Santa Ana; Photograph by Michelle Pagaran

Pandan is an aromatic plant which tastes like vanilla with a tropical, floral twist. A staple ingredient in many Asian desserts, pandan can be infused in tea, ice cream, non-dairy “milk,” and even cocktails. Here are some of our favorite pandan treats in O.C.

  1. Pandan Pina Collision with cold-pressed pandan, coconut milk, and pineapple puree
    Loose Leaf Boba in Santa Ana
    4th Street Market, 201 E. 4th St., instagram.com/looseleafboba
  2.  Jade Bliss with mung bean soy milk, coconut milk, and boba (vegan)
    Soy Good in Garden Grove
    12192 Brookhurst St.,  714-591-5653, instagram.com/eatsoygood
  3. Pandan milk tea (seasonal)
    Kaffeine Alley in Anaheim
    6312 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road, 714-202-5731 kaffeinealley.com
  4. Pandan cashew nut milk with date and coconut nectar
    JuiceMi in Newport Beach
    609 E. Balboa Blvd., 949-791-8026, juicemi.com
  5. Mango sticky rice ice cream made with pandan, coconut milk, and oat milk (vegan)
    Stella Jean’s Ice Cream in Costa Mesa
    270 E 17th St., 949-791-8133, stellajeans.com
  6. Pandan horchata
    Banh Xeo Boys in Santa Ana
    4th Street Market, 201 E. 4th St., 714-290-2477, banhxeoboys.com
  7. Mung bean milk tea with pandan
    7 Leaves Cafe, multiple O.C. locations
  8. Pandan waffles with coconut or durian and dessert drinks with pandan jelly
    Bambu in Irvine
    14775 Jeffrey Road, Irvine, 949-232-1145, bambuirvine.com/
  9. Buko (coconut) pandan slush with boba
    Jollibee in Irvine and Anaheim
    2180 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, 949-660-1586; 601 N. Euclid St.,
    Anaheim, 714-635-0265; jollibeeusa.com
  10. Pandan mochi donut (rotating flavor)
    Modo Hawaii in Irvine
    Mitsuwa Marketplace (pop-up), 14320 Culver Drive, modohawaii.com/irvinepopup

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