Travel Spring Fling at The Saguaro, Palm Springs

Exuberantly tacky-yet-hip, the Saguaro’s wild colors pop in the middle of the Palm Springs Desert. This is a perfect time to go—local weather is hot enough for poolside lounging and imbibing, but not too hot—and despite its youthful, of-the-moment energy, The Saguaro has undeniable glamour. Grab a chaise and a fresh fruit margarita, look up at the palm trees ringing the sky, and think about the Basque tapas at Tinto Restaurant. It’s a lively place with poolside movies and daily happy hours, but mostly it’s an opportunity to soak up sun and relax: Try the spa’s Sun Dance Citrus Sugar Scrub ($75) or a “grounding” foot massage ($60). You’d find Don Draper here if he were 10 years younger. Rooms—most have a balcony or patio—start at $142 with 14-day advance purchase.

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