Take Your “Me Time”: Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, Vista, California

Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas. Soon we’ll be shoulder to shoulder with our fellows: elbows tucked in at the crowded Thanksgiving table, or slipping sideways between flocks of shoppers in filled-to-capacity South Coast Plaza. It’s time to frontload some solitude. Take your “me time” now while you still have the energy, funds, and presence of mind to enjoy it.

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This is the spa of spas, simply gorgeous, and it’s in your backyard. Clusters of wildflowers and lavender are scattered across the gentle, rolling slopes of hillsides, and the 400-square-foot villa suites combine an unstudied, intimate French farmhouse aesthetic (wood-beams, whitewashed walls, and plank flooring) with boutique hotel touches (beautiful, one-of-a-kind antique pieces, delicate chandeliers, and bouquets of tea roses). q6uMinAOtEM3U3ZzoOvsRmYSMgoqVMd6Cv1UQ4bria0The 200 private acres are dotted with what could be described as set pieces: a meditation labyrinth, a 400-year-old chapel lit only by candles, and a 17th-century stone dining hall, imported from Dijon, France, and then reassembled amid the vineyards. A true wellness spa, Cal-a-Vie offers dozens of fitness and “mind-body-spirit” classes. Gourmet food and spa treatments? But of course.

The 7-night European Plan—which includes a truly indulgent spa package—currently is $8,800 ($9,150 starting Jan.1). As for the solitude: those prices are based on single occupancy. Visit calavie.com for more information.

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