Summer Jaunts: Vintage Campers

July is bare feet, keeping the summer corn from rolling through your baked beans and off of your paper plate, fishing a cold drink from a big bucket of ice, and watching the kids eat watermelon as they sprawl on sun-dappled grass. It’s an entire month of wholesome, plebeian pursuits, of picnicking, camping, and road-tripping. Find a wicker picnic basket: we’re “roughing it”… but in style.

Movie stars have demanded on-set luxury Airstream trailers for decades, but it took regular folks (and DIY hipsters) to remind the rest of us of the charms of Runabouts, Teardrops, and Bellwoods. Affectionately referred to as “canned hams,” these cozy, cunningly designed retro trailers are perfect for intrepid explorations of California byways, and light enough to be pulled by the smallest cars. Rent your little bit of midcentury Americana from Happier ($150 per night on weekends) or Tinker Tin Trailer Co., ($150 per night and up).

Image credit: Terry Bones

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