Summer Jaunts: ‘Glamping’ in Montana

July is bare feet, keeping the summer corn from rolling through your baked beans and off of your paper plate, fishing a cold drink from a big bucket of ice, and watching the kids eat watermelon as they sprawl on sun-dappled grass. It’s an entire month of wholesome, plebeian pursuits, of picnicking, camping, and road-tripping. Find a wicker picnic basket: we’re “roughing it”… but in style.

‘Glamping’. It’s not really camping. If you’ve watched Redford and Streep’s romance unfold in “Out of Africa”—with candle-lit dinners and tea services punctuating a Tanzanian safari—then you’ll have some idea. Paws Up, a 37,000-acre ranch in Montana’s Blackfoot Valley, boasts five secluded, pristine camps: Pinnacle, Creekside, Moonlight, River, and Cliffside. Not quite cabins, not quite tents, the structures are airy and luxurious, with huge slate-lined bathrooms, daily housekeeping service, and a “camping butler.” Rates start at $548 per person.

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