Spring Spirit Refresh: Amangiri Resort, Canyon Point, Utah

Philosopher Immanuel Kant was captivated by “the sublime.” Sounds intimidating, but the concept is simple: Mere beauty may delight, but the sublime inspires fear and wonder. It’s the vertiginous awe we feel standing on the lip of the Grand Canyon, or getting a rare view of the Milky Way in a dark sky. The sublime is nature writ large, and we benefit greatly from being reminded that we are small. Or so the thinking goes. Make plans to refresh your spirit within an epic landscape—take your pick!—composed from sea, sky, and sun-warmed stone.

Amangiri Resort, Canyon Point, Utah

The Utah desert’s strangely beautiful moonscape is framed to perfection by the Amangiri Resort, which cedes the spotlight and focuses instead on fostering a welcoming, dreamy solitude. It’s a spa experience that easily transmutes into spiritual retreat: Guests can gather for complimentary yoga sessions in a sunlit, cathedral-height pavilion; try flotation therapy in molded “flotation rooms” set amid stone pathways, reflection pools and timber screens; or simply contemplate the dunes. Rates start at $1,100 but go up by $400 on June 15th. If the IRS has been good to you consider a Mesa Pool Suite: $1,750 gets you a private plunge pool, courtyard daybed and sky terrace. www.amanresorts.com/amangiri/home.aspx

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