Skip Snow—Head for Nepal, a Destination Steeped in Spiritual Traditions

wellbeing 1For those who couldn’t care less about snow-blanketed lodges and ski vacations, we give you permission to abscond to a warm beach with a sarong and frivolous paperback. And if you feel jaded, and wish to escape the sentimental commercialism of Christmas entirely, we recommend a destination steeped in other spiritual traditions. Godspeed, and may you return with your soul stirred.

Dhulikhel, Nepal

loungeFloating among the Himalayan peaks, The Dwarika’s Resort lies an hour away from Kathmandu and a short drive—or long, scenic hike—from countless shrines, temples, and monasteries. Hinduism and Buddhism have peacefully coexisted for centuries in these mountains, and at Dwarika’s that mingled spiritual heritage is more than chic window dressing: You can consult an Ayurveda doctor, read Eastern philosophy in the light-filled library, or join the yoga master in daily sun and moon salutations. Spaces for contemplation have been carved out everywhere, and meditators can tuck into blissful womblike chakra sound chambers. The spa and gourmet dining are both holistic and sumptuous, of course, but permeating all is a guiding principle of harmonious balance. Which explains the pottery studio: Guests are encouraged to forget themselves at the wheel, so their hands remain connected to Earth even as they sit above the clouds. Rates begin at $400 per night; various packages are available.

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