Searching for Sanctuary: Walking with the Elephants

This August we recommend two beautiful destinations, each a sanctuary of sorts. They couldn’t be more different—in origin, urgency of purpose, or experiences offered—but both are stirring. Consider them opportunities: benevolent, gentle nudges to our humanity, in inspiring settings.

Walking with the Elephants Safari, Sanctuary Retreats, Botswana

Elephants. Threatened with extinction, these trudging, gentle giants strike a deep chord in humans. (For example, they display mirror recognition, form life-long bonds, and grieve.) Imagine touching one. Sanctuary Retreats, in partnership with a respected sanctuary, provides travelers a chance to live among a family of them. You’ll go for walks in their shadow, stroke their trunks, and get flapped by their magnificent ears. This is a luxury safari: Visitors watch giraffes from the swimming pool, eat handsomely, and experience multiple game drives. Rates begin at $4,182 per person, and peak in July. NOTE: Botswana is a democracy, and a safe destination. The State Department considers the country “an excellent partner … and model for stability in Africa.”

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