Refresh Your Spirit at the Mystique Hotel in Santorini, Greece

Philosopher Immanuel Kant was captivated by “the sublime.” Sounds intimidating, but the concept is simple: Mere beauty may delight, but the sublime inspires fear and wonder. It’s the vertiginous awe we feel standing on the lip of the Grand Canyon, or getting a rare view of the Milky Way in a dark sky. The sublime is nature writ large, and we benefit greatly from being reminded that we are small. Or so the thinking goes. Make plans to refresh your spirit within an epic landscape—take your pick!—composed from sea, sky, and sun-warmed stone.

Mystique Hotel, Santorini, Greece

Spartan yet languid, Santorini’s cliffs are honeycombed and terraced with traditional Cycladic architecture: meandering walkways, whitewashed patios, and azure domes. For accommodations you can do no better than the unobtrusive luxury of Mystique Hotel. To its great credit, Mystique does nothing to dilute this aesthetic or detract from the illusion of traveling back in time. You’ll receive 21st century pampering—gourmet dinners by the infinity pool at sunset, and perhaps a Marine Flora Facial at the spa—but step onto your private terrace and gaze out over Homer’s “wine-dark sea,” and you’ll feel a bit of the thrill that is rumored to come from really reading the Iliad. (Pick up a copy—trans. Lattimore—and bring it with you.) Rates from $840 a night.

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