October Travel News: Brave Men’s Bridge, China

Brave Men’s Bridge, China

Introducing Haohan Qiao, or Brave Men’s Bridge, the newest lunatic attraction for those who enjoy swimming in infinity pools at the top of skyscrapers in Singapore. Haohan Qiao is a glass-floored walkway spanning a canyon in Shiniuzai National Park. Amblers are assured that each glass pane is 24 millimeters thick—and this isn’t your run-of-the-mill glass—but good luck remembering that when you find yourself at the halfway point of the 984-foot span, over a 590-foot drop. And keep in mind that this is only a warm-up: Zhangjiajie National Park is just finishing construction on another glass-floored bridge, 1,247 feet long and 984 feet high. For lunatics.

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