November Travel News: Trevi Fountain Refurbished

Rome’s Trevi Fountain tells us more than a little about the Roman people. In 19 B.C., the enterprising Emperor Augustus determined that his people were thirsty and needed more frequent baths, so he ordered the water from over there be brought here. Roman ingenuity did the job in the form of a 14-mile aqueduct, much of it underground, and Roman engineering saw the aqueduct in use for more than 400 years. But an aqueduct can’t be a mere aqueduct: the grandiose, monument-crazed Romans of the 17th century built a typically mind-boggling Baroque spectacle out of goodness knows how much Tivolian travertine. But by 2013, its arches, columns, and rococo flourishes had seen better days, so a major restoration began in 2014. Two million euros later, the fountain is ready to receive your coins. Be sure to visit at night: 100 LED lights have been installed to heighten the visual drama of something that was pretty dramatic to begin with.

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