Marina White’s Top Five Travel Tips for Adventurous Cheapskates

In The World’s Most Persistent Marathon Runner, we cover Marina White, a 27-year-old UC Irvine grad student who hasn’t won a single race. Here are her travel tips.

  1. Plan and Organize
    Especially important when booking flights and packing, so you don’t waste money, time, and energy searching for what you forgot at your destination. Search for local deals [in advance] on that locale’s visitors’ webpage or sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial.
  2. Except When You Shouldn’t
    Sometimes the best hotel and car rental rates pop up at the last minute. Stay flexible.
  3. Travel in Pairs
    Try to coordinate with a friend or colleague with similar plans. Traveling together is often cheaper, and each of you planning part of the trip saves time.
  4. Think Unconventionally
    Forget the traditional round-trip airfare, hotel, car rental modes. Consider one-way airfares. Use Couchsurfing or Airbnb to stay with people who live in your chosen locale; companies such as Mega Bus often have $1 fares between cities if you book far enough ahead, or carpool to your next destination and fly home from there. You see more, it’s safe, cheap, time effective, and fun.
  5. Use Rewards and Mileage Cards
    They’re a great way to get free stuff by making purchases you would have made anyway. Plus, you build toward free or discounted travel. Some offer great promotions to sign up.

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