Kidding Around: Family Galápagos, Abercrombie & Kent

Traveling with children guarantees a loopy, joyous adventure—no one can make you laugh as hard as your own kids—but it isn’t usually easy, nor is it restful. (We speak from experience.) In solidarity with our fellow parents we recommend a tour and a destination: both make family travel luxurious, and both have been planned with all ages in mind. So you can leave behind any concerns about occupying the kids, and just enjoy them.

galapagos3Family Galápagos, Abercrombie & Kent

Ostensibly this is a cruise, but not really. Your vessel is the Eclipse, a nimble 210-foot yacht carrying 18 passengers and up to 31 crewmembers, four naturalist guides, and a Young Explorers Guide. The experience is elegant and relaxed. Guests enjoy casual, sumptuous buffets in the light and airy dining room or dine al fresco on the Weather Deck. Decks have been specially designed for whale watching and stargazing, and every cabin has an ocean view. Go ahead and claim a chaise lounge while the Young Explorers Guide coordinates scavenger hunts, wildlife photography, and art projects for the kids. And then there are the Galápagos themselves: two naturalist-led excursions each day means kayaking among sea lions, snorkeling with fish, and strolling with iguanas, blue-footed boobies, and Darwin’s giant tortoises. Ten-day packages start at $8,300; visit for more information.

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