Kidding Around at the Anassa Hotel, Cyprus

Traveling with children guarantees a loopy, joyous adventure—no one can make you laugh as hard as your own kids—but it isn’t usually easy, nor is it restful. (We speak from experience.) In solidarity with our fellow parents we recommend a tour and a destination: both make family travel luxurious, and both have been planned with all ages in mind. So you can leave behind any concerns about occupying the kids, and just enjoy them.

anassa4Anassa Hotel, Cyprus

The Anassa Hotel provides a quintessential Mediterranean setting: terraced garden villas sloping down to a secluded beach and cerulean waters, sun-washed stone balustrades, terra cotta urns, majestic cypresses set against whitewashed stucco, and private plunge pools look out onto nothing but sea and sky. All the hallmarks of a languid, romantic, and slothful adult getaway, except that Anassa was conceived as a family resort. Let’s be clear: Anassa is truly elegant and serene (there is a Roman spa and Byzantine chapel, and zero waterslides), but kids four months old and up remain entertained with four different clubs offering age-appropriate play, activities, and excursions. anassa3(A note to parents of difficult-to-impress teenagers: older kids have their own Nintendo-equipped lounge, and a less-structured day provides opportunities for scuba, waterskiing lessons, and just hanging out). Rates for a family of four begin at $850 per night; visit for details.

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