July Travel News: Cinema Verite

Cinema Verite: “Jaws on the Water” & The Stanley’s “Ghost Adventure Package”

This is pretty clever (but sold out): This weekend, $30 and a ride to New Braunfels, Texas, gets lucky ticketholders into a nighttime screening of “Jaws”…which they will watch from an inner tube…as their toes dangle in the dark waters of a lake. drafthouse.com/movies/jaws-on-the-water

“Jaws” is scary but not creepy: For that, head to the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes, Colo. Perhaps the rumored hauntings are nonsense, but there must be something about the place: A single night’s stay inspired Stephen King to write “The Shining,” in which The Stanley was renamed Overlook Hotel. Embracing its place in horror history, the hotel offers a Ghost Adventure Package ($330 to $370). Included: a room on the famous fourth floor (guests may upgrade to a haunted room) and a “REDRUM” coffee mug. As for the hedge maze, The Stanley just planted 820 junipers across 10,000 square feet, but the bushes are only a foot tall. Junipers grow fast, though: give them five years and a snowy night… stanleyhotel.com

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