January Travel News: Giant squid does some sightseeing in Japan’s Toyama Bay

This is scientific news, which means it could be considered good, bad, or creepy, depending on the traveler. Marine biologists and seamen have postulated the existence of giant squid for centuries, but Architeuthis had gone unphotographed and unverified until 2002. Sightings are still remarkable and usually require significant science grants and deep-sea submersibles, so when a specimen skimmed the surface of the water on Christmas Eve it was a big deal for everyone who witnessed it. But who would have imagined that the squid would pause to relax and spend a few obliging minutes in the presence of an excited diver with a video camera?

Check out the video and then let us know: did you cancel your trip to Japan, or did you sign up for scuba lessons? Click here: nytimes.com.

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