Escaping June Gloom with English Garden Tours

Escaping June Gloom with English Garden Tours

Pacific gray whales are heading to the Bearing Sea, wildebeests are wheeling north across Kenya, and SoCal residents commence their annual migration to … Home Depot. Parking lots are jammed with red-faced customers wrestling 20-gallon palm trees and shoehorning deck lumber into their SUVs. Our advice: Leave the refurbishing for another day, and go idea-gathering. It’s travel, but you can call it “research.”

English Garden Tours

For travelers with a more tempered, refined aesthetic. Introducing Adderly Travel Ltd., a company with admirable expertise and focus, offers multiple-day English garden tours. Groups are limited to 12, participants usually visit two gardens—cottage, abbey, estate, and everything in between—a day, and evenings are spent in small family-run inns with freshly baked scones and Regency architecture. Several tours are featured each month. For June, consider the Norfolk Rose tour ($2,300, excluding airfare); in July you can enjoy the famously lush gardens of Kent ($2,500).

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