Escaping June Gloom with English Garden Tours

Pacific gray whales are heading to the Bearing Sea, wildebeests are wheeling north across Kenya, and SoCal residents commence their annual migration to … Home Depot. Parking lots are jammed with red-faced customers wrestling 20-gallon palm trees and shoehorning deck lumber into their SUVs. Our advice: Leave the refurbishing for another day, and go idea-gathering. It’s travel, but you can call it “research.”

English Garden Tours

For travelers with a more tempered, refined aesthetic. Introducing Adderly Travel Ltd., a company with admirable expertise and focus, offers multiple-day English garden tours. Groups are limited to 12, participants usually visit two gardens—cottage, abbey, estate, and everything in between—a day, and evenings are spent in small family-run inns with freshly baked scones and Regency architecture. Several tours are featured each month. For June, consider the Norfolk Rose tour ($2,300, excluding airfare); in July you can enjoy the famously lush gardens of Kent ($2,500).

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