December Travel News: Jurni

The Jurni is the newest carry-on luggage of note, with all of the hip requirements: it’s crowd-funded, a little goofy, and brags (dubiously) that you can straddle it in the airport and push yourself along like a kid on a Fisher-Price scooter. But it’s kind of cool, really, with some unusual touches: inline skate wheels with ball bearings, elastic lacing on the underside of the suitcase lid, perfect for stuffing your jacket or storing files, a hard plastic divider that serves as an adjustable shelf when the suitcase is standing on its side, and a plastic “pod” that fits into a well on the outside of the suitcase can be popped out in a flash. It’s large enough to carry the things you don’t want in the overhead bin during the flight (such as a phone, iPod, reading glasses, or books).

The $99 Jurni is available in multiple colors, and can be purchased at It’s a crowd-funding site, so supplies are limited!

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