Cruise the Newly Accessible Northwest Passage

Northwest Passage

Over the centuries, countless ships have been lost in the pursuit of a reliably navigable sea route between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Climate change, however, is broadening our options: The Northwest Passage, a route that wends through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, no longer is blanketed year-round by sea ice. On Aug. 16, the good ship Crystal Serenity will take advantage of this opportunity, departing from Anchorage for a month-long “cruise-expedition” of the passage. Crystal Cruises has been planning this itinerary for more than three years, and has pulled together a dedicated 14-member expedition team (also an escort vessel to accompany the Serenity and carry “adventure equipment,” such as a helicopter). Fares begin at $22,000 and you’ll need to buy expedition gear on top of that, but that’s for a full month of narwhals, tundra exploration, and seeing the geography of the Midnight Sun shift before your eyes. Reserve by April 29 for the best fares. Visit for details.

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