Autumn: Brook Farm at Berrington, Worcestershire, U.K.

”Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.”
brook farm

Twilight descends earlier and imperious Canada geese are bossing their way through local duck ponds. Autumn has come to Southern California. In deference to the harvest—which we urbanites risk missing altogether—take a pastoral retreat. Quaint farmhouses offer their own particular luxuries: fragrant herb gardens and patchwork quilts, the swoop of starlings over fallow fields at dusk, and relaxed contemplation of what John Keats described as the “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.”

This gem of a B&B is found among small farms, and minutes away from historic manor houses. Berrington remains an agricultural village, and Brook Farm has preserved its 16th century enchantment: Cottage doors are framed by arbors, the floors are “wonky,” and gnarled oak beams arch overhead. The gardens are a horticulturist’s delight, and after wandering among the profusions of tea roses and elegant willows, visitors can enjoy the rural quiet in front the fire, sipping the local damson plum vodka. Bring a copy of “Pride and Prejudice”; this is the English countryside of Jane Austen’s novels. (Upon your return, we beg you to explain the differences between a sward, copse, glen, dell, and swale.) The airy, whitewashed rooms—there are two—are less than $140 per night. Info:

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