Learn to Mountain Bike with Irvine Ranch Conservancy’s New Skills Course

The newly constructed course in Irvine welcomed students for the first time over the weekend.
Photograph courtesy of Irvine Ranch Conservancy

Hosted by Irvine Ranch Conservancy volunteers, the Mountain Bike Clinic offers an opportunity for enthusiasts to learn and develop basic skills in a controlled, artificial environment. Experts will guide you through proper form and technique as you complete exercises over modular structures such as dirt ramps, rock step-ups, A-frames, and caterpillars—which model different types of terrain you might encounter on a trail.

On top of teaching the basic aspects of mountain biking, the class also goes over proper safety and preparedness.

“The really important part is you prepare yourself and the bicycle,” says Christian Lutkemeyer, Irvine resident and volunteer docent who has been leading clinics since 2011. “If you ride up to Saddleback for example, that’s a 14-mile ascent from Modjeska Canyon. It’s possible you’ll get mechanical problems and flat tires are pretty frequent so you want to bring spare tubes to reinflate tires. You should also bring a tool kit in case there’s a loose bolt as well as spare chain links. … We talk about those things so they (are aware of) the danger that is out there. ”

The course is designed for those new to mountain biking as well as those looking to progress in the sport.

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Keep an eye out for the next class at letsgooutside.org. Advanced registration is required.

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