Tips from an Expert on Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

Photo credit: Jason Wallis

Add these steps to your dental routine for optimal oral health. Dentist Nicole Kuske has a family-oriented general practice in Mission Viejo and shares her advice.

  1. Use a water flosser.
    “We’ve seen tremendous benefits for overall gum health with this. It helps patients reduce gum inflammation and the bacteria level in the mouth, especially in the hard-to-reach gaps between teeth. I recommend using it at night.”
  1. Chew xylitol gum.
    “It’s hard to stop snacking, but frequent snacking increases your cavity risk. The sugar substitute xylitol has been shown to inhibit bacteria growth and reduce plaque and cavity risk. I tell patients that after eating, they should chew a piece of Spry gum for five minutes or have a Spry mint to help prevent decay.”
  1. Avoid acidic beverages.
    “You want to keep the inside of your mouth at a neutral pH. Too much acid can cause enamel erosion and tissue irritation and can increase cavity risk. Stay away from beverages such as carbonated waters flavored with lemon or lime juices or the drinks you’d have during a cleanse that contain apple cider vinegar.”

—Anastacia Grenda

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