Hidden Hikes: Black Star Falls

Hidden Orange County

Black Star Canyon has a reputation as a haunted spot, but it really should be known for its spectacular seasonal waterfall. The 6½-mile hike is glorious, but strenuous. It entails following the creek bed, wading through water, dodging poison oak, and climbing a couple of boulders. From the parking area, follow the paved road for half a mile, then turn right onto the dirt road.

Ignore signs warning that it’s a private road; there’s a public easement. At 2.4 miles from the start, the road makes a left hairpin; instead, take the unmarked path to your right to the creek bed. Turn left and head upstream. It’s only three-fourths of a mile to the waterfall, but it will be slow and require some bushwhacking. Informal parking area 1.1 miles up Black Star Canyon Road, Silverado Canyon

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