From Fish & Chips to Nurseries, Here’s What’s New in Fountain Valley

When you venture into this grouping of Fountain Valley strip malls, you’ll be rewarded with a few fun surprises. As in other centers in this ever-changing city, old favorites are making room for new and interesting spots where you can eat and shop.

Rollin’ Creamery
Try Thai rolled ice cream at this new spot where employees pour a cream base on a frozen griddle and scrape it into rolls. Popular flavors include Vietnamese coffee and matcha with Oreos ($6). 17908 1/2 Magnolia St., 714-203-7021


Heavenly Vintage Nursery
This gardening shop recently relocated here. Meet the resident cat, Diego, in the gift store filled with gardening books and bird feeders or in the nursery packed with succulents and other drought-resistant plants. 9080 Talbert Ave., 714-377-1077

Union Jack Fish & Chips This longtime favorite specializes in no-frills fish and chips, deep-fried to order. While you wait to place your order, check out the selection of British candies and condiments for sale. 17916 Magnolia St., 714-962-9500,

Slurp shoyu ramen at this yearling mom‑and-pop restaurant, or try chanko nabe, a traditional Japanese stew packed with chicken and vegetables and favored by sumo wrestlers. 17900 Magnolia St., 714‑377‑0300,

Photos by Melissa Valladares

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