Finder of People: Ann Ciulla

Hidden Orange County

Ann Ciulla is a licensed investigator and modern-day Nancy Drew

I’ve done probably a thousand cases over 25 years. Criminal and civil, from investigating homicides for the defense, to running background checks for my girlfriends on guys they’re dating. I shy away from divorces; it’s no-win, nobody is happy.

I love-love-love it! Every day is different. I like nosing around, helping people in dire straits. I had three cases [working for defendants] that got dismissed in a couple months.

I’m a curious person. I loved Nancy Drew mysteries. It’s natural asking questions and listening. I go incognito, no wigs, but sunglasses and maybe a baseball cap. I feel I blend in. If I weren’t doing this, I’d open a flower shop and play with flowers all day.

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