Adult Hide-and-Seek

Geocaching Orange County

Geocaching is a treasure hunt that’s played worldwide using GPS technology. Players are given the coordinates of a buried prize, and try to find it. In addition to small gifts hidden by past seekers, the cache contains a log sheet for successful players to sign in. In the spirit of this month’s cover story, our interns agreed to play the game and finished with a .500 batting average. Here are their experiences.

From Tiffany Johnstone, searching just east of John Wayne Airport in Newport Beach: The only clue I had was that it was “green.” With aircraft roaring across Campus Drive, I trudged through dirt, crouching down and breaking apart bushes. Passersby looked at me like I was nuts. I decided the trinket was hidden a little too well and counted my quest as a loss.

From Casey Elofson, searching in Placentia, Tri-City Park: Eureka! My first geocaching experience was a breeze! I must’ve frightened people in the park as I overzealously exclaimed after finding the first hidden treasure on the map. My tracking coordinates led me to a contact lens container, which obviously was much too small to hold a prize; inside instead was a list of about 40 other successful geocaching hunters’ signatures. I added my name to the list, and instantly felt good about being an “insider” on a local little hidden secret.

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