Pelican Hill
The cost of fried calamari, margherita pizza, cocktails, or wine during Happy Hour at the Coliseum Pool and Grill, Monday through Thursday from 3 to 7 p.m. with free valet parking.

Starting price for a one-way ticket to Las Vegas on a semiprivate plane (30 seats), including free checked bags, snacks, and drinks. Best part? Arrive just minutes before takeoff.

Resort Pass
Starting price for a day pass at many of the coastal resorts in O.C. Luxuriate in the pool and take advantage of all the amenities, without the overnight.

The max price for all food, beer, and wine at Tanoshi Hour. Indulge in delicious sushi, umami sea bass tacos, or a Takumi burger while taking in the Lido Marina Village vibe.

Cost for offseason day rental at the Pacific Edge Hotel Bungalows, including food from The Deck next door. Soak up the view without hauling gear or cleaning up afterward.

All photos by Mariah Tauger

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