3 Questions with a Dental Expert on Oral Health

Dentist Kimberly Rivera Gress, Ladera Ranch Dentistry & Orthodontics, offers some tips for oral health.

What are some ways oral health affects overall wellness?
Poor oral health can not only cause dental decay and infection but also contributes to other systemic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetic complications, dementia, and even respiratory infections.

What should a dentist look for that can indicate a larger health problem?
Many systemic diseases will have an oral manifestation. When your dentist performs a comprehensive dental exam, in addition to the dental diagnosis, she will also look for indicators—gingival inflammation, bleeding gums, bad breath, dry mouth, and ulcerations. All of those can be symptoms of larger health issues.

What’s one thing everyone should do to promote good health?
Make it routine. Schedule a time to both brush and floss twice daily, at the same time each day. Once you get into the habit of incorporating this in your routine, you will find it much easier to stick to it. Also, when on the go, drink water after eating to rinse food and plaque debris from your teeth.

—Anastacia Grenda

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