With Roasting Credibility, Sur Coffee Opens in San Clemente

Photograph by Matt Degen

I had the best cortado of my life this weekend, and it was from San Clemente’s newest cafe and roaster, Sur Coffee.

Sur Coffee opened a few weeks ago, but from the looks of it on my visit, the place is already making a name for itself as hip coffee lovers bustled about the shop on South El Camino Real, just a stone’s throw from South of Nick’s restaurant and the historic City Hall.

Photograph by Matt Degen

The shop is operated by the same folks behind OB Beans in Ocean Beach. This is their first venture in Orange County, staff told me on my visit.

The shop is bright and breezy, and features a long corridor that extends from the street to a patio on the other side with a peek at the ocean.

But it’s the coffee and preparation that really shine. At only 10 items, the menu isn’t expansive, but it should attract real coffee lovers. It includes basic filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino, cold brew and a few teas, including matcha latte and housemade chai.

For my cortado, I went with almond milk and honey, which added smoothness and sweetness to the espresso shot.

Photograph by Matt Degen

Sur Coffee aims to be a legit roaster, with a machine on-site. For now, roasting of the beans is still done at the Ocean Beach location, but the roaster should be up and running in San Clemente soon, staff said. The shop works with coffee farmers from around the world to source high-quality, specialty coffee beans while empowering those growing them.

Sur Coffee is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily at 118 S. El Camino Real, San Clemente.

More info: surcoffee.co/

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