Taco Rosa is Thirsty to Celebrate National Margarita Day

Did you know that Saturday is National Margarita Day? Follow-up question: Did you know there’s a National Margarita Day?

Well, of course there is, and seems Feb. 22 is the magic date for margaritas.

No doubt you can get a margarita at just about any place that serves mixed drinks, but Taco Rosa hopes its crafted versions will be the one you choose to complement your Mexican meal. You are eating a Mexican meal this weekend, right?

“We take pride in our award-winning, handcrafted margaritas, which are prepared to order with a balance of hand-squeezed, fresh fruit juices and organic agave nectar,” the restaurant says. “Taco Rosa honors its ancestors who created this cocktail in Mexico in 1938 by proudly pouring Blue Agave tequila as its house tequila.”

No less than 10 margaritas can be had at Taco Rosa, with variants using ingredients such as tamarind, horchata, and mango. This month’s special is the Noir Cadillac Margarita, made with organic Azunia Platinum tequila, lime juice, agave nectar, and a shot of Cointreau Noir. That sounds like it would be a fantastic paring with Taco Rosa’s upscale offerings. I’m personally a fan of the lobster tacos.

Taco Rosa has locations in Irvine and Newport Beach. You can start planning your meal with a look Taco Rosa’s website: tacorosa.com

And feel free to chime in the comments below: Where’s your favorite spot for a margarita?

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