Bruxie Debuts a Fiery Chicken Sandwich That Promises Big Heat

If you like your chicken extra, extra, extra hot, you’ll be stoked to know that Bruxie is turning up the heat on its famous fried chicken.

The chain’s latest creation is called The Big Heat, a spicy fried chicken sandwich. Here’s how it gets its name: When the chicken comes out of the fryer, it’s coated in a spice rub — heat stage 1. Next comes heat stage 2, a helping of firecracker slaw made with onions and hot yellow chile peppers. Finally, there’s heat stage 3, courtesy of a dressing made with Louisiana-style and cayenne hot sauces. And that’s just the regular version.

If you’re really a fan of the Scoville, you can order yours in Xtra Hot.

“For those who want more, we add a fiery Sriracha mayo that takes the heat level up to Xtra Hot,” said Bruxie executive chef Kelly Mullarney. “By delivering three unique layers of flavorful heat, this new chicken sandwich delivers just the right balance of hot and delicious. The first bite might seem deceptively tame. Second bite, you’ll feel the heat. And by the third bite, the spicy hotness really has you hooked.”

Mullarney says the sandwich isn’t meant to be hot just for hot’s sake, but to be well-rounded–and most of all delicious.

“My goal was to create something more than just in-your-face, one-note hotness,” he said. “The Big Heat has a complex flavor profile that hits the palate with three distinct heat levels.”

The Big Heat is available now at all Bruxie locations. If you like what you hear, you might want to plan your thirst quencher/fire extinguisher accordingly. I’m thinking one of Bruxie’s shakes or frozen custard cup would be a great complement to quell the flavor flames.

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