OC LOOK 2016 Honorees

Katie Coffey, Christie York, Keleigh Sperry and Michelle Sperry

OC Look Honorees_V2.indd

Wedding and Event Stylists + Planners at Christie Rose Events (Christie, Katie and Michelle), Model at ONE Management (Keleigh) Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Orange Park Acres

Describe your style personality: During the day it’s all about being ladylike in classic attire with a touch of flair. At night, it’s a bit more edgy.

Go-to designer? Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Chloe, Reformation Favorite thing to do in OC? Sunset sail on a Duffy, although don’t put Michelle at the helm or you might get caught in the middle of a regatta.

What makes you happiest? Feeling fulfilled and reaching goals we’ve set for ourselves. To us, fulfillment is making a difference in other people’s lives, giving our whole hearts to any projects we take on, wholly understanding the plight of others, and being in the moment by connecting our senses to what we are experiencing in every given moment.

How do you unwind? A glass of red wine and a Jacuzzi sesh with our family at Sperryland is the perfect way to be in the moment and focus on what matters most to us!

Photograph by Jason Wallis Photography