OC LOOK 2016 Honorees

We’re spotlighting individuals who exemplify style and achievement in Orange County.

BY - September 9, 2016

Welcome to OC Look, our annual guide to the most noteworthy individuals our county has to offer in the categories of entertainment, sports, arts, and business. This incredible lineup truly reflects what it means to represent Orange County and we hope you enjoy meeting them as much as we did. Main location courtesy of Monarch Beach Resort

Jodie Sweetin

OC Look Honorees_V2.indd

OC Look Honorees_V2.inddOC Look Honorees_V2.inddOC Look Honorees_V2.indd

 OC Look Honorees_V2.indd OC Look Honorees_V2.indd OC Look Honorees_V2.indd OC Look Honorees_V2.inddOC Look Honorees_V2.indd   









  1. Katie Coffey, Christie York, Keleigh Sperry and Michelle Sperry
  2. Colet Abedi
  3. Nate Thompson
  4. Jodie Sweetin
  5. Shaheen Sadeghi
  6. Kelly and Wing Lam with Son, Levi
  7. Christina and Tarek El Moussa
  8. Ron Roenicke
  9. John E. Stoner