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Dr. James Bredenkamp, Client, Shareholder, Director • Mike Chambers – Senior Vice President/Business Development Director

When surgeon Dr. James Bredenkamp needed financial backing to expand his group practice, he garnered little support from the banking community. Fate intervened one Saturday afternoon when he received a call from Mike Chambers at Mission Viejo-based Partners Bank of California. Acting on a referral, Chambers, initiated a meeting that led to a financial solution for Dr. Bredenkamp and his group, and ultimately, a long-term professional collaboration and friendship. Impressed with the bank’s unique business model, Dr. Bredenkamp now serves on its Board of Directors. He says, “I met with multiple banks and all I heard was no. When I met with Mike, he said ‘Yes, let’s find a way to do it.’ ” Founded in 2007 in the midst of the recession, Partners Bank’s rise to success has been built on concierge-style service that helps individuals and small businesses achieve their financial goals. “We understand that we are not in the banking business, we are in the people business,” says Chambers, who was one of Partners’ original investors. “I don’t look for great transactions – I look for great relationships.”

Photograph by Jason Wallis Photography

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