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Hardwood Floors

Richard and Cheryll Larson of Gaetano Hardwood Floors


If you’ve experienced the simple pleasure of bare feet on a well-crafted hardwood floor, you’ve enjoyed a glimpse of the passion driving entrepreneurs Richard and Cheryll Larson. For Richard, the art and craft of floor making is a family tradition. Richard and his wife oversee a flooring empire known for creating, refinishing, and maintaining the multifaceted beauty of natural wood. Gaetano’s unique offerings include many domestic and exotic woods, from intrinsically traditional to artfully avant-garde. Richard has spent time in Europe, and the company’s floors incorporate both old-world techniques and new innovations. “Creating a trend is better than following a trend,” says Richard. “I spend a lot of time mixing textures and colors to come up with fresh combinations.” Cheryll adds, “Customers come into our showroom and are amazed that we make all our floors by hand, right down to the bevel and brushed-on final coat.”

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