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Aggressive. Passionate. Unquestionably thorough. Adjectives aside, as one of a handful of certified family law specialists in Orange County, attorney Marc E. Mitzner clearly knows his way around the nuances of Family Law. As a highly skilled negotiator and litigator, Mr. Mitzner boasts over two decades of experience in Family Law. To date, he has helped hundreds of clients resolve a myriad of issues including child custody, complex property division, child/spousal support and pre-nuptial matters. Both passionate and compassionate when it comes to helping clients rebuild their lives, Mr. Mitzner is known for his go-the-distance commitment in even the most complex cases. A third-generation native of California and seasoned attorney, Mr. Mitzner has made Family Law his exclusive focus for over 20 years. “I have always enjoyed working directly with people in need. Family Law gives me the unique opportunity to really help people and change lives.”

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