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Compassionate Care

Rowntree Gardens Senior Living Community

Richard Nordsiek, Executive Director at Rowntree Gardens
 • Glenda Jacobs, Director of Administrative Services

When Richard Nordsiek joined Rowntree Gardens as a 16-year-old dishwasher, he sensed this place was special. Today, Richard serves on an executive team that leads by example, caring for Rowntree’s community members with the utmost compassion and devotion. One of the region’s only not-for-profit, faith-based Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Rowntree Gardens has brought comfort and joy to seniors for 51 years. “I believe we are doing God’s work,” explains Richard. “So it’s more of a calling than a job.” Glenda Jacobs agrees. Like Richard, she has been with Rowntree Gardens for more than a decade and thinks of the community as her home. “We’re here for a greater purpose,” she says. “We’re giving back to our community members who have given so much to us.” The loyalty and love Richard and Glenda share for their community runs throughout the staff at Rowntree Gardens. “We’re all a family,” adds Glenda. “We’re in this together.”

Photograph by Jason Wallis Photography

12151 Dale Street, Stanton | 714-530-9100 | rowntreegardens.org