FACES of Orange County 2017

No. 32 Hormone Optimization


At Advance Medicine of Orange County, Orange County’s Premier Age Rejuvenation Center, Dr. John Molina specializes in services to help patients turn back the clock on aging. While many practices offer age rejuvenation procedures, as a member of the American Academy of AntiAging, Dr. Molina is recognized as a trusted expert and BioTE practitioner. “My goal is to help my patients feel like the “REAL” version of themselves, from the inside out,” he explains. “I get so much joy out of seeing the emotional, mental and physical changes my patient’s experience after being treated in our office. I love to see them feel full of life once again.” Advance Medicine of Orange County offers bioidentical hormone optimization, I.V. vitamin nutrient therapy, testosterone replacement therapy and platelet rich plasma treatments (PRP) which promote healing of muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons. He also offers Dermapen nonsurgical micro-needling treatments to restore a youthful appearance to the skin. A compassionate physician who really listens to his patients’ concerns, Dr. Molina is dedicated to helping people enhance their quality of life. “I enjoy a close relationship with my patients and I want to know about all aspects of their lives so I can better treat their symptoms and needs. Being a good listener and being engaged in what patients have to say is part of the healing.”

3751 South Plaza Drive | Santa Ana, CA 92704 | (714) 754-1560 | info@advancemedicine.com | advancemedicineoc.com

Photograph by Jason Wallis Photography