FACES of Orange County 2017


When the negligent driving of a street sweeper caused the death of a single, 55-year old man, his 80-year-old parents were heartbroken. The street sweeper’s insurance placed a nominal value on this loss given the surviving parents’ advanced age and expected a token settlement. Enter Easton & Easton — comprised of Doug, Brian, Matt, and Travis Easton — whose ability to articulate the family’s unique background and special bond resulted in a wrongful death settlement of $2.75 million. In recognition, Doug, Brian, and Matt each received City Commendations from Lancaster, and the settlement was named one of Th e Recorder’s Top Million-Dollar Verdicts and Settlements in California. With more than 75years of combined personal injury litigation experience, the Eastons have a life-long familial passion for finding the essence of a plaintiff ’s loss and expressing that story in a compelling way to achieve remarkable results for their clients.

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Photograph by Jason Wallis Photography