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Face of Wealth Management – Ken South

Ken South, Founder and CEO

Face of Wealth Management

As a young adult, Ken South spent countless hours watching over beachgoers from his perch in lifeguard Tower 68. The Newport Beach native went on to build a decades-long career in financial services before founding his own independent firm, Tower 68 Financial Advisors – a name inspired by the care, attention, and watchfulness skills he learned from his first job on the beach, and which he now uses to oversee market conditions and manage more than $430M in client investments.

“After being in this business for almost four decades and living through numerous market cycles, it has become crystal clear to me that investors want answers to various questions. These can range from how accounts should be titled, how to save taxes, how a portfolio should be structured, etc.,” Ken explains. “At Tower 68 Financial Advisors, we have the combined experience to completely understand and answer all of these questions – we provide a very personalized experience.”

With a team boasting over 100 years of combined experience, Tower 68 offers deep levels of focus and expertise through active portfolio management – a practice that requires a deep understanding of market behaviors and trends. Their approach is both collaborative and proactive, and the firm often interfaces with other trusted professionals to make sure they are providing accurate reporting and education based on client needs. At Tower 68, the team lives by one very important mantra, ‘Be 100% at what we can control. Be the best you can be at what needs to be reacted to.’

“When people come into our office, they are surprised that our phones seldom ring, even during difficult market environments. This is because we are proactively reaching out to our clients to let them know how their portfolios are progressing and alerting them to things they should pay attention to.”

Tower 68 offers services to clients with portfolios of all sizes – with no minimums. “People don’t usually start out with millions of dollars,” Ken says. “Assets are accumulated over time and invested for long-term growth. That’s why we grow the relationship with the client.”

As far as the secret to his lasting success, Ken believes his “learning for a living” mindset has served him well over the years.

“One thing I practice daily is research, research, research. An investor can never be too prepared. My best advice to others is to remember, the investment you may choose doesn’t know you own it. Don’t think you will hurt its feelings – it’s ok to move on if it’s not helping you toward your ultimate financial goal!”

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Suite 1520
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Office Line: (949) 945-6970